MLSO Textbook

The comprehensive Text for SAR Managers & Overhead

Team members who have the responsibility to run searches. This is a completely rewritten, and reorganized textbook for the course ‘Managing Land Search Operations’. This book takes the place of the original document ‘Search is An Emergency’ initially published by the Emergency Response Institute and later by Emergency Response International. The foundation material contained in this book has been the cornerstone for land search coordinators for over three decades in thirteen countries. If you an instructor, Search Manager, or Overhead Team Member in local or regional search operations, this is a must have text.

Previous versions of this book entitled ‘Search is an Emergency’, have been the ‘definitive choice’ of land search coordinators for over three decades. Recently rewritten and with a new title, this text has been used by the U.S. Park Service, SAR Coordinators throughout the U.S. and Canada as well as Police personnel and SAR Volunteers in the United Kingdom, Iceland, Sweden, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Belgium, Kosova and Croatia. This new book was written to be used as the supportive text for the course ‘Management of Land Search Operations’ conducted by Emergency Response International.

Textbook Contents

  • New Examples for Lessons Learned
  • Latest Missing Person Behaviour Data
  • Reflex Tasking & Functional ICS Management
  • Latest POD Research
  • Practical Search Planning Methodologies
  • Target Orientation, Vision & POD Data
  • Searching in the Urban Environment
  • Applying Missing Person Behaviour to Establishing the Search Area
  • Best Practices Review & Updates
  • New Illustrations and Photos

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