Robert ‘Skip’ Stoffel – Instructor and Company CEO

R. Skip Stoffel was the CEO and founder of the Emergency Response Institute, and now of Emergency Response International, Inc. Skip was a former USAF Rescue/Survival Technician during Vietnam and also spent years as a professional guide. He spent five years in the Washington State SAR Coordination Agency and he also has over twenty five years training experience in search management, survival and emergency management. He has written and/or co-authored 32 books on multiple aspects of emergency response and survival. Skip has been trained as an EMT, a SCUBA diver, a glider pilot and has been a published author for over twenty eight years. His experience base includes working in search and emergency response related functions at local, state and federal levels throughout all regions of the United States. Skip continues to build on years of training course and supportive material development by spearheading specifically tailored books and training programs on SAR and Survival throughout the world.

Clive Swombow – Instructor

Clive Swombow is a retired Chief Inspector from the North Wales Police with 30 years service in the UK. During that service, Clive served as the responsible officer in that Force for special operations, (canine, and tactical weapons teams) search and rescue, emergency planning and disaster response. Through his interest in SAR, he was appointed as the police liaison officer for the civilian and RAF Mountain Rescue Teams in the North Wales area, as well as the “C” Flight, 22 Squadron helicopter rescue unit at RAF Valley in Anglesey. Clive held this position for 23 years. Since his retirement, he has joined the Ogwen Valley Mountain Rescue Organization that covers the mountainous areas of North Wales and Snowdonia National Park. For the past 12 years, Clive has specialized in managing searches for missing people in mountainous, rural and urban areas. He has extensive experience on searches for the elderly, young

children and despondents, and frequently still trains with 22 Squadron at RAF Valley. He also has extensive experience in dive rescue operations. Clive has been an active instructor with ERI in Search Management training courses, field skills, man tracking and disaster management/emergency planning programs since 1990. He has instructed police, military and civilian personnel throughout the UK, and also in the U.S., Croatia, Iceland, Ireland and Sweden


Mike Rose – Instructor & UK Administrator for ERI – UK

Mike served with Devon & Cornwall Police for 30 years and was a Police Search Adviser for 15 years. He was heavily involved with all aspects of search, emergency response and planning including policy and training for all Devon & Cornwall Police search managers and some SAR team search managers.

Mike has  been involved in missing and lost person  searching for many years. He is a qualified and very experienced search manager and has been involved in many high profile searches. He is a qualified trainer and instructor and has taught widely in this area of work and continues to do so.

In November 2008 Mike was invited to attend and open an International Search and Rescue Conference in New Zealand owing to his involvement with SAR within the UK.

Mike was closely involved with SAR groups in the Southwest. He was Chairman of South West England Rescue Association (SWERA) for 5 years, which was the voluntary ‘umbrella’ body for Mountain Rescue teams in the South West of England. He was closely involved with the Peninsula Mountain & Cave Rescue Association (PenMaCRA) which succeeeded SWERA in Devon & Cornwall. Mike was the police liaison officer for the local SAR teams from 2001 to 2012 when he left the Police Service.

Mike was a ‘Founding Father’ of and helped to bring about the formation of a new SAR group – Cornwall Search and Rescue Team (CSRT) which has proved extremely effective since its formation in 2003. He is now Chair of Cornwall Search and Rescue Team and still actively involved in lost/missing person searches.

Mike is the Programme Manager at Duchy College, Cornwall, for the Rescue & Emergency Management Foundation Degree and is currently undertaking his Master’s Degree with his dissertation being ‘How should UK land based search and rescue incidents be managed’.