This book has been in print since 1978 and is widely recognised as the best ‘how-to’ book ever written on the subject of tracking people. It has long been considered the ‘Bible’ of Mantracking. To get some unbiased reader reviews, you can look up the title of this book on’s website.

Writing about this book in his own book, Mostly Huntin’ world famous Marksman, Quick Draw Artist, and Big Game Hunter, Bill Jordan states: “If you are seriously interested in becoming a good tracker, this book is the means to that end. And, even if you intend to do all your tracking from an easy chair, the stories told will hold you spellbound. It’s mighty good reading, and I recommend it without reservation.”

The book tells the reader where to look, how to look, and what to look for. In addition, the book lays out practice exercises of increasing difficulty that will build the reader’s confidence and improve his or her skill.

If you could only own one book on the subject of tracking human quarry, this should be the book you own.

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