Urban Search


By Christopher S. Young and John Wehbring 

This book is the first comprehensive guide to urban search. It compares factors of an urban/suburban incident with a wilderness search, including preplanning, search management, special investigation considerations, unique urban strategy and tactics, use of resources, and documentation.

You will learn how to:

  • Understand your urban environment – residential, retail, business, industrial and/or recreational – and develop preplans accordingly
  • Conduct thorough investigations and interviewing – including training search personnel in door-to-door canvassing
  • Develop an accurate profile of the missing person using the newest urban specific data
  • Use the investigation information and scenario analysis to prevent wasted effort on a non-search
  • Take advantage of the media
  • Consider the missing person’s use of public transportation
  • Train dogs and ground teams to be effective in the urban environment by identifying problems and safety hazards they may encounter
  • Manage and evaluate documentation and clue management

“This is a solid gold piece of reference material that should be in every search manager’s primary library…a long awaited and much needed publication for the SAR community.” –Robert ‘Skip’ Stoffel, Emergency Response International

“We highly recommend Urban Search. It combines technical and search management expertise into a readable compendium of valuable information in this little known specialty. Young and Wehbring bring a wealth of experience to the fast growing need for urban search capabilities across the United States.” –Lois Clark McCoy, President, National Institute for Urban Search & Rescue

“A good tool to add to the search manager’s tool box when facing the most difficult SAR there is: the job of searching for someone missing in the urban/suburban environment. This well put-together guide covers the practically endless possibilities in this complex environment.” –Matt Scharper, California State SAR Coordinator, Governor’s Office of Emergency Services, Law Enforcement Branch

“A comprehensive guide to the problem of urban searching. Everyone, no matter how experienced, will find something of value in it.” –Dave Perkins, The Centre for Search Research, UK

“My prediction is that this book will become the world’s leading text for urban search within a very short time because of its quality and the operational usefulness of its information.” –Ross Gordon, Search and Rescue Institute New Zealand, NZ

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